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Top Ten Worst Things To Put On Your CV

I was looking through some articles today and noticed this one... thought it was worth passing on:

It covers the ten worst mistakes that you can make on your CV... if you would like further CV advice then take a look at the Candidates Corner Section of our website for more info.


Just came across this post on the Total Jobs site... great to see how the market is continuing to look up!

Demand for Contract IT Workers Fuels IT Recruitment Levels

KPRS Office Move

We are moving!


From Monday 20th December our address will be:


Afon House

Worthing Road


West Sussex

RH12 1TL


Telephone: 01403 788350

Fax: 01403 788353


Catch you soon




Friday Afternoon

It's Friday afternoon and things here in the KPRS offices are busy, busy, busy. The market seems to have taken an upsurge over recent weeks and KP, Jancis and I have been very much kept on our toes.

For those of you thinking about looking for new roles it's a good time to consider sprucing up your CV. Take a look at the candidates' corner secion for some tips. If you want any advice on interview techniques etc then please do get in touch.

Weekend Stuff

KP's 50th Birthday Drinks - Tonight!

As many of you will be aware, KP recently a milestone Birthday. 

Having been climbing in Italy at the time, he may have thought he'd managed to get away with it quietly. But we had other ideas....

So - in his absence - we've been secretly planning a Drinks Night on his behalf.


It's a sunny Tuesday afternoon and here in the KPRS offices we have been enjoying the fantastic weather over the last few days. Ice Cream sales in the local shop have sky-rocketed - and that's just down to me!

2 weeks to London...

Firstly I would just like to apologise for leaving it so long since my last blog entry. Things have become really busy here at KPRS and it has taken up until now for me to be able to take a breather. It's all good news, though, as the market seems to be genuinely recovering now.

Hearts and Pancakes!

Hearts and Pancakes...


We are now well into February... with Valentine's Day coming up on Sunday, and Pancake Day on Tuesday. The weekend is almost upon us, and I can't believe how insanely busy things are becoming at the moment. 

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Just a quick entry to wish everyone a Happy New Year - we're looking forward to catching up with many of you over the coming months, with Drinks Nights, Go-Karting etc organised.

Congratulations to Vicky Smith, whom we sponsored to go to the Taekwondo World Championships in Argentina. She came home with a Bronze Medal in the Team Sparring... a tremendous achievement.

The festive break was a very relaxed time for me - and gave me the chance to spend some much-needed time with the family.

Autumn Nights and Highlights

SWAY Bar - KPRS Night Out

Firstly I would like to say a huge "Thank you" to those of you who braved the Autumnal weather and came along to our Drinks at the SWAY Bar in Covent Garden. It was great to see so many faces - old and new... KP and I are really keen to get together with you all again soon!

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