It's a sunny Tuesday afternoon and here in the KPRS offices we have been enjoying the fantastic weather over the last few days. Ice Cream sales in the local shop have sky-rocketed - and that's just down to me!  

KP is on a climbing holiday at the moment - braving the mountains of Italy in a camper van. He has phoned in a few times and is having an amazing time - we're looking forward to hearing about his adventures when he gets back.

Congratulations to Sam...

Congratulations to Sam, who gave birth to her son - Matthew - earlier in May. She brought him into the office the other day and he is adorable.

Work Stuff...

The market still seems to be gradually moving in the right direction, with a noticeable increase in both contract and permanent recruitment. If you are looking for your next contract or another permanent role, do take a look at the sections on Interview Techniques and CV Writing that are in the Candidates' Corner section of the website.

And if you do need any advice then please give us a call here - we're always happy to help!


Catch you again soon




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